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  • Beyond Coping: Why Your Therapist Should Help You Address the Root of Your Mental Health Issues

    I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “coping skills.” You might even have heard it in reference to somebody suggesting therapy to you” “You just need some coping skills.” 

    A coping skill is helpful, as it can help you deal in the moment when you’re in a difficult situation. Especially when you can’t change or get rid of whatever’s causing you stress, for instance a tough conversation just rattled you, or you’re preparing for a presentation or work assignment.

    For instance, you might breathe deeply to the count of 100. Or you could do muscle relaxation exercises or visualize yourself in a calm place.

    If you are feeling depressed you might try thinking positive thoughts, reach out to a friend, or journal your feelings. You could remind herself to put on your favorite songs to boost your mood.

    Coping skills are necessary and should be a part of your life. You should know in the moment how to address anxiety or sadness, so that you can pull yourself together and continue with your day.

    While coping skills are GREAT, there’s so much more to

    But is that all there is available for you? Just coping with life? What if you could more than just cope with the stress in her life, but actually have the ability to decrease the amount of stress in your life? Is that possible?

    It is. 

    What you need is a mindset shift.

    I understand it’s not enough to address what’s going on in the moment.

    You want to be able to change the pattern of problematic thinking that results in continued stress, anxiety, and depression.

    It’s ironic, but anxiety and depression themselves are a way of coping. So in order for those symptoms to be alleviated it’s essential that the origin of the problem gets addressed. That way your bouts of anxiety and depression  are lessened in their intensity, duration, and frequency, or even stop before they begin.

    Therapy focused on a change in mindset can help get you there. 


    Jenmarie Eadie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about empowering women to take control of their mental health by finding balance and inner peace in the midst of perfectionism and anxiety. She received her Master’s in Social Work from Arizona State with a concentration in Behavioral Health. Her proudest accomplishment is following her dream of opening up a practice focused on helping high-achieving, goal-oriented women. She currently serves women in California and Oregon (CA LCSW# 66634 and OR# L13328).

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