I help teen girls turn hard, painful, and confusing moments into opportunities for strength, courage, and joy.

Your daughter is so overwhelmed by life and you’re concerned about the words she’s been saying and the behaviors you’ve been seeing.

My guess is you’ve searched the internet, read the parenting blogs, and asked your friends, but you still feel lost and your teen is still struggling. Even though you feel stuck, you haven’t given up on finding your child the right help.

Imagine your daughter not just merely coping with the stress in her life, but actually becoming a confident, calm, thriving young woman.

If your teen has excessive worrying, low self-esteem, and you want her to have a safe space to talk it out:

You’ve come to the right place.

I believe wholeheartedly in using tools and techniques that are designed to empower your daughter toward positive change.

I offer flexible and consistent afternoon and evening appointments because you’re a busy parent, and your teen has a busy life. You and your daughter have a right to all the support you can get.

Please take a look around my website, and if you like what you see, schedule a brief chat to see if I’m a good fit. I’d love to help you get started, today.

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Meet Jenmarie

Starting in middle school, the pressure I put on myself was intense. My drive to work hard (and do it perfectly) was stronger than my ability to enjoy the life I was making for myself.

By high school, the stress and anxiety I felt was unreal. I needed help navigating the twists and turns of life without beating up on myself at every curve.

Now as a therapist and a recovering perfectionist, it’s my honor to help the next generation of teen girls on their journey through adolescence.

My mission is to help your high-achieving teen find balance so her world doesn’t have to be one big agonizing ball of stress. And if it already is, I will help her unravel the insanity so she has the ability to breathe a little and enjoy life a day at a time.

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