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  • Teens

    I help stressed-out teen girls gain confidence, improve self-esteem, and feel good about themselves.

    Hi Moms and Dads! Are you the parent of a teen who is experiencing anxiety, moodiness, low self-confidence, or difficulties adjusting to life in these uncertain times?

    Your teen talks to you about her problems, but you struggle with knowing what to say and how to help. You’re frustrated because you want life to be easier for her.

    You were waiting to see if things got better, but the problems are getting worse and you don’t want to wait anymore. You’re thinking “I’m stuck about how to help my daughter and that scares me.”

    Imagine your daughter not just merely coping with the stress in her life, but actually becoming a confident, calm, thriving young woman, even during times like these.


    If you’re looking for a professional that can help your daughter use her strengths, feel good about herself, and yes, just feel happy again, we need to talk. Please take a look around my website, and if you like what you see, schedule a brief chat to see if I’m a good fit. I’d love to help you get started, today.


    This page is about me AND it’s about you and your teen.

    You know your teen, and you know when she’s hurting. Do any of the following statements sound like your teen:

    • She seems so stressed out by everything in her life.
    • She has a lot of anxiety about school, friends, her future, the family…it’s a lot!
    • She gets down on herself all the time. She always says “I can’t do it.” Or “I’m not good enough.”
    • She has to deal with a lot of peer drama at school and on social media.
    • She’s a perfectionist. She gets really frustrated when things don’t go her way or when things are “not right” or “unfair.”

    As a parent, you have an understanding of the problems you are seeing. You’re looking for a professional that offers a safe place for your teen to vent her feelings and work through these challenges. You’re looking for help now, because you’ve been noticing your daughter has been stressed out for some time. Maybe you have a sense of what’s going on and you’ve tried the strategies that you know would work for you. But yet for some reason your daughter isn’t feeling better. In fact, life just seems to be feeling worse for her.


    I can help your daughter:

    • gain the ability to cope with stress without the meltdowns, shut downs, or blow ups.
    • feel proud and confident of herself and her abilities.
    • learn to express her feelings in a way in which you can understand and help.


    I have over 8 years of experience working with children and teens. The challenges I most frequently treat are teens with:

    • Behavioral difficulties like defiance, and anger outbursts
    • Challenges with low self-esteem, depression or chronic moodiness
    • Perfectionism and “loud inner critics”
    • Peer issues with making or keeping friends as well as “peer drama”
    • Chronic worrying, anxiety, and panic attacks

    Every child is different and my philosophy is that your daughter has unique strengths that make up who she is. Those are the strengths we build upon to help your child make changes. I am here to partner with you to help your child grow, develop, and thrive.


    Helping families is my life’s work. My first job was as a preschool teacher, working alongside my mom (yep, she made me volunteer, and who knew, I loved it!). I loved assisting children understand the complicated world, and help their self-esteem blossom.

    I knew I wanted to have the skills to work with families on developing their child’s mental health and emotional well being. I went to school to become a clinical social worker/therapist, which means I get to engage children and teens with therapeutic strategies that support transformation into thriving beings.

    Over the last 10 years I have interned or worked as a therapist in schools helping kids develop the skills to have a successful school day, and in inpatient psychiatric hospitals helping teens come back from their darkest depression and most debilitating anxiety.

    Eventually, I opened my own business where I can focus on my passion—whole-family emotional wellness, with a specialization in teens and parenting.

    I have a special love for helping high performing teens confidently find their direction in life, as well as focusing on healthy and effective mother-daughter communication.

    If you have any other questions about me I’m an open book and you can always call or message me to ask!

    Let’s talk about helping your teen


    Stress and Anxiety

    Your teen has a lot going on in her life. She has a lot to think about and a lot to get accomplished. You’ve noticed though that she seems more anxious than calm, and the worries are interfering with her ability to enjoy life. Maybe she’s even talked to you about her stress.

    Anxiety and stress can be debilitating, impairing your daughter’s life in many ways. It may look like:

    • she seems unable to relax
    • she’s not concentrating on her grades or activities like she used to
    • she doesn’t fall asleep until late at night, has restless sleep, and throughout the day seems more tired that she should be
    • she expects the worst to happen like getting a bad grade when she studies all the time, or expect to do poorly in her game or activity even though you know she’s fully capable

    Anxiety is chatter in the background of your daughter’s mind, interfering with the best life she can have.

    Your teen can find her balance, peace, and happiness.

    Your teen’s stress is interfering with the coping skills she already has. I can help her to

    • rediscover the strengths she may has forgotten about.
    • support her to stop avoiding what makes her scared, fearful, or anxious.
    • change her negative thinking that increases her anxiety.

    What would her life look like if she could change “What if?” to “What could I do if…?”

    Let’s talk about how I can help her live her best life.

    Low Self-Esteem

    Low self-esteem has a tendency to tell stories in your daughter’s mind. It makes her think she’s “no good,” “not capable,” and that she can’t become who it is she wants to be.

    You may have heard your daughter say:

    • “I can’t do it.”
    • “I don’t like myself.”
    • “I’m not good enough.”
    • “Why should I even try?”

    Low self-esteem can interfere with your daughter’s ability to function at her best at school, resulting in lower-than-expected grades. It keeps her from excelling in the activities she loves, holding her back from doing what she’s capable of. Low self-esteem also impacts her relationships and can lead to depression.

    Your daughter can be a confident, capable, thriving young adult.

    I can help your daughter to:

    • talk back to her inner critical voice instead of believing in it
    • focus on successes she already has, big or small
    • manage the sadness and moodiness
    • Learn self-talk that helps her, not beats her up
    • feel pride in herself

    The longer low self-esteem goes on, the more debilitating it can become.

    Let’s talk about how I can help your daughter change how she thinks about herself.


    Perfectionism is a strength and a curse. It has gotten your daughter this far but now you’re seeing the pitfalls.

    You may have noticed your daughter:

    • hold herself back from something because she “can’t do it perfectly.”
    • be overly critical of herself and others.
    • feel like she can’t get “anything right” and get down on herself.
    • procrastinate on school projects because she’s stuck on “how to get it accomplished perfectly.”
    • “freezes up” when performing in sports or activities because of the pressure she puts on herself.

    Perfectionism can interfere with your daughter’s ability to function at school, sports, and other valued activities. While it used to be the very thing she thought made her successful, it now keeps her from excelling in the activities she loves, and holds her back from doing what she’s truly capable of. At its worst, perfectionism can result in self-hatred, depression, and anger issues.

    Your daughter can strive for the best AND enjoy life in the process.

    I can help your daughter to:

    • find a balance between work and fun
    • focus on what went right instead of what went wrong
    • learn to relax during moments of stress
    • learn self-talk that helps her, not beats her up
    • calm her anger, irritation, and frustration

    Perfectionism is exhausting and the longer it goes on, the more debilitating it will become.

    Let’s talk about how I can help your daughter change how she views her world.